August 18, 2018

Google re-imagined Pocket Casts with a beautiful, modern Material design

Pocket Casts was just recently purchased by a group which includes NPR, and the developers have reassured us that their plans for the app haven’t changed. But what if Pocket Casts had a slick new look to show for it? Google just released a partner study on its site, teasing a vivid re-imagining of the popular podcasts app. 

Without further ado:

The current Pocket Casts interface (left), the leaked redesign (right).

The new interface has a much better use of color. According to the text of the design study, not only is that an appreciated aesthetic choice, that color is a dynamic response to podcast artwork, giving each of your subscriptions a slightly different and unique experience. It even extends so far as to include complimenting gradients in other subtle elements of the UI, like the progress bar.

Although we can’t see them—due to the nature of the leak and the limitations of static content—transitions and animations in this design study should also be pleasant. That new bottom navigation bar, a common element featured in a few other recent redesigns, would move out of sight when the player opens. Controls for playback would use “choreography” to appear as required, with ample space provided for other elements.

In a word, this leaked UI looks “fun,” and fun is good. The text of the partner study is a bit ambiguous, but it sounds like Pocket Casts might actually be considering this new interface. We’ve reached out to Shifty Jelly to see if there’s any chance this design study will result in changes to the app, and if it will, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Pocket Casts’ Chris Martin has confirmed, this is a preview of what we can expect in a coming update:

Glad to see it isn’t just a concept.

Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts

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