15 best Google Daydream games

Google Daydream is Google’s big push into VR. There are only a handful of devices that can use it. On top of that, there simply aren’t a lot of apps or games out for the platform. However, some are starting to push through. We’ll update this as more stuff comes out, but for now, here are the best Google Daydream games!

Bait is a fishing game for Daydream. It provides a calm, relaxing environment where you can catch fish. The mechanics are simple enough to grasp. It really feels like the developers focused more on the overall experience rather than challenge of complexity. Your main goal is to catch as many fish as possible. There are also people nearby to talk to. There are five different lakes to fish, each with its own lineup of fish to catch. It’s a bit pricey at $7.99, but fishing fans should feel right at home. There are also no in-app purchases. It’s one of the better Daydream games.

Bandix Six is a airborne shooter. The theme of the game is World War II. You’ll be put in the gunner seat and your job is to shoot down as many bad guys as possible. There are 30 missions to play through. You’ll also be fighting against (mostly) historically accurate planes from that era. It’s a great VR experience. Some have complained about the controls, but those are mostly minor. Otherwise, it’s one of the more enjoyable Daydream games out there. It’s $2.99 with no in-app purchases.

Battle Planet

Price: $10.99

Battle Planet is a VR action shooter. The basic premise is that you’ll be defending a micro planet from a nearly endless onslaught of bad guys. You’ll be armed with a gun along with a robot. The robot helps defuse bombs. It features tons of bad guys, boss fights, and various power weapons and upgrades. You lose the game if your planet explodes. It’s one of the most expensive Daydream games at $10.99, but those who have tried it have had only good things to say so far.

Claro is an atmospheric puzzle game. Your job is to move the sun around in order to help the plants in the level grow. There are 38 levels in total, including an expansion from last December. Each level has its own set of challenges to help keep you engaged. It won’t make your pulse race or anything like that. Its main goal is to help you relax while you figure out the puzzle. That means it’s also family friendly. It’s relatively inexpensive and there are no in-app purchases. It’s one of the must-have Google Daydream games.

Damnfields is a tough little puzzle game. Your goal is to move the dot around each level without falling off of the edge. It uses Daydream’s head movement controls. That means you’ll be looking around with more precision than you’re used to. There are over 30 levels, five game modes, and more. Four of the game modes have timers to add a bit of challenge. There is some light swearing, but otherwise it’s a clean little game. It’s also one of the few really good free Daydream games that isn’t just a demo. Give it a shot!

Horizons is a VR rhythm game. You use the Daydream controller to control the music. The music you play controls the massive void of colors that you see. It’s an enjoyable visual and audio experience. The developers heavily recommend using headphones to get the most immersive experience. Some have experience some bugs. However, it is an entirely free game so it’s easy to look passed them. On the downside, it’s not one of the more complex Daydream games out there. It’s really good for a bit, but eventually you’ll want something more.


Hunters Gate is a third person shooter for Daydream. Your goal will be to defend yourself from a demon invasion. You’ll have a choice between two characters (Forge and Payne). You’ll have various things to upgrade and power up to help you survive as long as possible. Perhaps the best feature is its local multiplayer mode. You can play with a friend over your WiFi connection and take on the horde together. It’s $5.99, but there are no in-app purchases. It’s one of the better Daydream games for households with multiple devices.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Price: $9.99

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a cooperative puzzle game. It’s also one of the best multiplayer Daydream games out there. One player will try to diffuse the bomb. The other players will have documents they have to sift through in order to give the proper instructions on making the bomb not blow up. It’s challenging and a lot of fun when you have a bunch of players. The only downside is that’s rather expensive. However, those who have played the game will tell you that it’s worth it.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Need for Speed No Limits VR

Price: $7.49

Need for Speed No Limits VR is a racing game, but most of you knew that. It puts you in the driver’s seat as you race. The game tries to make the experience as realistic and intense as possible. It does a pretty decent job. You’ll have various tracks and cars to play with. You can also customize your ride outside of racing. It works well most of the time, but several players have noticed some bugs. If you decide to try it out, give it a good test quickly in case you need to refund it. It’s a good experience most of the time.

Rez Infinite

Price: Free trial / $9.99

Rez Infininte is a VR shooter with Google Daydream support. This game is also available on PlayStation VR and Steam on PC. It bills itself as an action-shotter. You float around in a void with tons of stuff in your environment. You must avoid the bad stuff, shoot the bad guys, and complete the game. It’s relatively simple to play, especially with VR. The game has a free trial and the full game goes for $9.99. It looks good, even with its minimal graphics.

Rez Infinite

Twilight Pioneers

Price: Free

Twilight Pioneers is an action RPG game. In fact, it was the only one we could find for Google Daydream. It’s a first-person ARPG that uses Daydream’s head tracking to let you look around and beat up bad guys. It includes boss fights, a story line, and your usual array of RPG elements. There are some character customizations as well, although not many. The mechanics are simple so as not to confuse you much while playing. It’s also a free download and probably among the best free Daydream games. Give it a shot.


Price: $4.99 / $2.99

Untethered is one of the more unique Daydream games. It’s an episodic radio drama with a little mystery evolved. You’ll get to investigate a series of phenomenons. You’ll be taking calls, talking to people, and going to locations to find clues. Each new episode will add to the story, locations, and people that you can talk to. It’s actually very well done. The main game costs $4.99 and each new episode will run you $2.99. The developers do warn that using Bluetooth headphones with this game can cause some issues. It’s nothing major, just something to keep in mind.

Virush is an arcade game with a lot going for it. The basic idea is that you’re battling computer viruses. In reality, it’s essentially an arcade shooter with some bright colors and fun ideas. It’s a good game to see what VR is really capable of. You’ll need the head tracking to see everything and the controller will be used to take it down. Otherwise, it’s a simple arcade game without too many frills. It’s $2.99 with no in-app purchases if you’re interested.


Price: Free / $3.99

Wonderglade is a beautifully done VR game for Google Daydream. It takes place in a theme park and it’s actually a bunch of mini-games packaged into one. The games are a mix of puzzle, racing, and arcade style games. There is even a mini-golf game. As you play, you’ll earn tickets that you can use to unlock items to re-use in the mini-games. It’s nothing super deep or complex. However, it’s a good little collection of games to kill an afternoon. It’s free to download and check out.

Wands is an online multiplayer game where you duel with magic. You’ll be given a wand and you imbue with various magic spells. You then take your spells to battle against other online players. You’ll unlock new spells to use as you progress and you can even watch other people battle as well. There is even a little workshop where you can practice and tinker with your stuff between battles. It’s a fun little online game. $5.99 is a bit expensive, but there are no in-app purchases. Totally worth it.

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