Sobro Smart Side Table will charge devices, cool drinks, play music, and more

Side tables are great at keeping your belongings, but that’s about all they do. With the onslaught of smart devices coming to the market, it was only a matter of time before this type of furniture got some fancy features. The Sobro Smart Side Table seems to do it right.

The Sobro Smart Side Table is a minimalist end table that looks good, but there is much more to this furniture than just that.

On the top you will find a clean, flat surface. Look closer and you will see a wireless charging station that can juice up a couple phones at a time. Start moving down and you will come across an open storage space, where you can place your wire-charging gadgets. The team has integrated four USB ports, two traditional outlets, and cable management to the back.

What’s more, the Sobro Smart Side Table also comes with a fridge for keeping your night drinks frosty at all times. The other drawer is for simple storing, but it can be locked with the included app.

The unit has built-in speakers that can sync to your phone via Bluetooth (those who have two side tables can sync them). To add a cherry on top of this high-tech treat, Sobro has added LED ambient lights with customizable colors. These can be controlled from the app or the manual controls located in the rear. There’s also a night light that activates with motion.

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While many of Sobro’s competitors seem both gimmicky and finicky, this smart side table is looking like a solid furniture piece that tackles on important solutions we commonly face. I am a simple user and tend to forget most fancy features within a week, but getting a drink at night, charging your devices, and listening to music are common habits. If I can get it all from a single product that blends into my room’s environment, I’d say that’s a winner.

Interested? If so, you can sign up for one Sobro Smart Side Table by backing the Indiegogo campaign with as low as $399. That’s not a bad price to pay for a fridge/sound system/charging station/light/side table. The funding goal has been met and shipments begin this October.

Sobro Smart Side Table will charge devices, cool drinks, play music, and more

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