How to transfer or sync your calendar from iPhone to Android

Gone are the days when switching between platforms was a long, complicated process we all tried to avoid. Your digital life is much simpler now, thanks to the implementation of the cloud and other great tools you can use to make your migration easier. Of course, one of the most popular transitions is going from an iOS to Android. We have already shown you how to transfer your music and contacts, so it’s time to tackle another important part of your digital life. Here’s how to transfer or sync your calendar from iPhone to Android.


Use Google

Want to import things manually? Be my guest, but that has become unnecessary in modern times. You can take care of everything with the cloud, and it’s actually really easy to transfer your contacts from any iPhone to your Google calendars.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
  3. Select your Google account (if you have it in your phone; if not, add it).
  4. Go to “Calendars” and switch the toggle on.
  5. This will sync all your calendars automatically. Done!

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How about iCloud?

Some of you may not even store your calendars directly to your iPhone, and instead have chosen to go with iCloud. If this is the case, you kind of do have to do things manually, but it’s still a simplified process.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings menu and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  2. Select Add Account and set-up or log in to your iCloud account.
  3. Allow your iPhone to sync your local calendar files to iCloud.
  4. On your PC’s Web browser, open and login to your iCloud account.
  5. Click the Calendar icon to open the Calendar interface.
  6. On the left pane, click the Share Calendar button beside the calendar that you want to export.
  7. export-calendarIn the popup balloon, tick “Public Calendar.” Copy the sharing URL that appears below it.
  8. On a new Web browser tab or window, paste the copied URL.
  9. Change webcal in the URL to http and press the Enter key to open the address.
  10. Your Web browser will download a file with random characters as file name. This file is actually a copy of your iCloud Calendar entries.
  11. Save the file to a convenient folder on your computer. For convenience, you may rename the file and add the ics extension (e.g., calendar.ics).
  12. Open and login to Google Calendar on your Web browser.
  13. On the left pane of the Google Calendar interface, click the menu arrow at the right of Other Calendars.
  14. Select Import Calendar.
  15. import-calendarSelect the exported calendar file that you downloaded from iCloud. You can also choose the destination Google calendar (if you have more than one) in the same dialog.
  16. Click the Import button to upload the file. Once importing is finished, you should be able to see the imported entries in the Google Calendar web interface. The new entries will also be synced to your Android device.

This method provides an easy way to transfer all of your iCloud Calendar data to your Google account. However, it is a one-way affair. It does not sync your iPhone and Android’s calendars, which means that if you add or remove entries in your iCloud Calendar, the change won’t be reflected in Google Calendar unless you go through the export-import process again.


Third-party applications

There’s plenty of apps out there that promise to transfer your contacts across platforms, and they likely do so, but I happen to be a fan of one. Let’s check it out.

SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar app

The second method works perfectly if you are planning to completely abandon the world of iPhone and enter the world of Android. But, if you intend to use both iPhone and Android, you better have a way to sync calendars between your two phones.

Thankfully, there’s the SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar app by Marten Gajda. It lets you establish an iPhone-to-Android connection for instantaneous calendar syncing from iPhone to Android — but not vice-versa. There’s no need for exporting, file downloads, uploads, or importing via web-based interfaces. Just set up the app, configure it, and it’s good to go.

how to transfer or sync your calendar from iPhone to Android

You can get the app from the Google Play Store for $2.86, which, I think, is a reasonable price for smooth and seamless syncing of your iPhone calendar to your Android device.

To use the app, first setup your iCloud account on your iPhone and allow it to backup your calendar to the cloud.

After that, run SmoothSync on your Android device and login to your iCloud account within the app.

Then, select which iCloud calendars to sync to your Android device. Once the connection is active and properly setup, and for as long as iCloud remains active on your iPhone, any change that you make in your iPhone calendar will be automatically reflected in your Android device.

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We live in a fast-paced world in which switching to something new may be intimidating, due to all the hassles and learning curves this may imply, but today we show you that the process is no longer as complicated. In fact, many of us would argue that switching has become a pretty easy process.

No excuses, guys. Want to jump into the awesome world of Android? Just do it! It will take but a few minutes to get your calendar on that shiny Android device you have been eyeing.

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