10 best hiking apps for Android

Walking through the wilderness is a lot of fun. You get some fresh air, exercise, and some time away from things like the Internet. Technology can’t really help all that much out there. However, there are some apps that you can take along that might help. Many of them are even usable offline in case you’re going way out into the middle of nowhere. These are also mostly good for camping, although we do have a separate list for camping apps linked below. Here are the best hiking apps for Android!

Compass is kind of a no brainer when it comes to hiking apps. You should always have a compass on you. This app does the trick. It’s a simple app because it really is just a compass. It’ll show you the direction visually. There is also a degrees measurement for more precise navigation. That’s about all this app has to it. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and the app is free. It’s also easy to calibrate. It should also work offline. This one is about as simple and as good as it gets.


A flashlight app is another no-brainer when it comes to hiking apps. Most phones have this functionality already through the Quick Settings. An app is mostly helpful for those who don’t have newer devices. This one also comes with the ability to strobe the light. Thus, you can use it for things like an SOS signal if needed. Most flashlight apps will work for this task. However, we liked this one because of its strobe capabilities. It’s also free with no in-app purchases. There may be some advertising, though.


Knots 3D is an app for tying all kinds of knots. You never know what you’ll need to tie and when, right? This one has a variety of knots that you can learn to tie. Additionally, it includes 3D video tutorials for tying those knots. You can watch them, rotate the video to see better, and more. The app also comes with a seven day return policy. That’s a bit longer than Google’s. There are a bunch of knot tying apps out there. We liked this one for its video tutorials. It’s one of the more useful hiking apps you can take with you.

If we missed any great camping apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!


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